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Apple Watch Series 6 Unboxing & Two-Year Usage Experience

Apple Watch Series 6 Unboxing & Two-Year Usage Experience

Apple Watch Series 6 Unboxing and Buying Guide & Two-Year Usage Experience Summary


Time flies, it’s been two years since the last unboxing article of Apple Watch Series 4; in terms of functionality, Series 4 is more than enough without the need for an upgrade. Series 5/Series 6 don’t have any core breakthrough features, they are nice to have but not necessary.

However, due to the news about Little Ghost, I decided to give my original Series 4 LTE version to my family. The LTE version can make emergency calls without the need for a phone nearby, making it safer compared to the GPS version.

My personal habit is to wear it when going out and take it off to charge when I get home, so I don’t have the sleep experience part.

I bought the LTE version of Series 4, but since I always carry my phone with me, there’s no need to pay an extra $199 monthly fee to activate it. Moreover, replying to messages on the watch is cumbersome, and answering calls requires AirPods for convenience. Additionally, Spotify on the watch is purely a playback controller and cannot play independently from the iPhone (only Apple Music/KKBOX can).

and… I am an iOS APP / watchOS APP developer

[2020–10–24 Update]: Spotify now supports independent playback. In the watch Spotify APP, select the playback device -> Apple Watch -> connect Bluetooth earphones -> and you can play! (Still doesn’t support offline download playback, requires an internet connection to use).

Apple Watch Series 6 Unboxing

Let’s get straight to the main event.


This time I chose the GPS 44’mm aluminum version in Cypress Green (military green), matching my iPhone 11 Pro in military green.

I didn’t catch the first batch of purchases, I ordered on the night of 9/15:

  • The system estimated delivery time was 10/16~10/19 (possibly due to the National Day holiday in China)
  • Notified of shipment on 10/10, estimated to receive by 10/13
  • Notified on 10/13 that the delivery date might be slightly delayed due to customs delay
  • Actually received on 10/14, still earlier than the original estimated delivery time!


Apple Watch + RhinoShield Protective Case Set

Apple Watch + RhinoShield Protective Case Set

Flip to the back, unboxing!

Flip to the back, unboxing!

The entire unboxing process doesn’t require a knife, just tear it all the way.



One strap and one body.

The packaging thickness of this generation has significantly reduced (no more tofu head)

The packaging thickness of this generation has significantly reduced (no more tofu head)

Body unboxing

Body unboxing

Only includes magnetic charging cable.

Close-up of the device

Close-up of the device

This time, the protective material of the device is made of paper. I remember the previous generation was black velvet.

Unboxing the strap

Unboxing the strap



Back view

Back view

When assembling, you can first install the upper part of the strap and then remove the paper protective cover to avoid slipping.

Apple Watch 6 + iPhone 11 Pro

Apple Watch 6 + iPhone 11 Pro

with Olaf Chicken

with Olaf Chicken

Swimming Ring Chicken

Swimming Ring Chicken

Apple Watch 6 with RhinoShield case

Apple Watch 6 with RhinoShield case

Blood oxygen test

Blood oxygen test

Playing with the main feature of this generation.

Always-on display sleep vs active

Always-on display sleep vs active

It’s great that the screen doesn’t turn off now. No need to raise your wrist and wait for the screen to light up to check messages!

Unboxing ends.

Two years of usage summary

Summarizing the feelings of using it for two years and my own purchasing guide.

Enhancing life experience and increasing focus

Apple Watch serves as an extension of the phone, acting as a buffer between the phone and the person. Currently, our reliance on electronic products is directly facing the phone and the overwhelming notifications.

I don’t know if you feel the same way, but phone notifications can be startling, even the sound of vibrations. Sometimes, receiving a notification makes my heart skip a beat. Then, I instinctively take out my phone to check it, handle important matters, and put the phone away if it’s not important. This process repeats daily…

Although you can turn off sound notifications, disable vibrations in silent mode, or even turn off all notifications, you might miss important messages, leading to another kind of anxiety where you constantly check your phone.

In this situation, Apple Watch can act as a lubricant, adding a filter between the person and the phone. When wearing the watch and the phone is in sleep mode, only the watch will notify you. You can set specific app notifications to be sent to the watch and disable sound/vibration for certain apps.

You might say these settings are similar to the phone, but in terms of experience, the watch’s sound/vibration is gentler and less intrusive. Even if you turn off sound/vibration, you can quickly check for notifications by raising your wrist.

The enhancement in daily experience and increased focus comes from quickly reviewing notifications on the watch and deciding whether to continue the current task or take out the phone to handle the message. The interruption time is very short (just the time to look at the watch), avoiding distractions from constantly taking out the phone and increasing work efficiency.

Healthy living and exercise tracking

Using the exclusive “Fitness” app available only with Apple Watch, you can record your daily life, including daily activity levels, walking, heart rate, and exercise records. It provides detailed health information and statistics on activity levels. Socially, you can compete with friends on activity levels and unlock badges, increasing motivation for exercise.

However, exercise depends on the person. Those who exercise will continue to do so, and those who don’t won’t start just because of the watch. It mainly adds fun and records to the exercise routine.

Apple Pay

You don’t need to take out your phone; just double-click the watch to make a payment, which is very convenient. Especially when your hands are full, and you can’t reach into your pocket to get your phone. You can also install invoice apps that support Apple Watch, open the barcode for the cashier to scan, and then double-click to call out Apple Pay for payment.

My personal habit is to use the phone widget to let the cashier scan the barcode or membership code (like 7-Eleven/FamilyMart, as they don’t provide Apple Watch apps), and then quickly double-click the watch to call out Apple Pay, using the same hand for payment.

Store inside, no receipt needed.

Personal Style Customization

You can change the watch face and strap according to your mood; a few watch faces for work, a few for holidays; bought four straps in the past two years… leather, metal, woven, and even protective case color changes… to match your outfits.

Apple Ecosystem Integration

  1. The watch can directly unlock the Mac computer.
  2. The watch can find the phone with one click (forcing the phone to emit a beep).
  3. The watch can be used as a Bluetooth selfie button to control the phone camera for taking pictures.

Check the Weather

I am very used to checking the current weather conditions and the probability of rain on the watch; it’s clear at a glance. Using the phone, I have to click through several layers to see the information I want.

Alarms and Timers

The countdown timer and alarm are also features I love to use. You can quickly start the countdown timer on the watch, and when the timer or alarm goes off while wearing the watch, it will notify you through the watch (if the watch is on silent mode, it will vibrate to remind you).

I find it very comfortable, especially when I want to take a short nap and am afraid that the alarm sound or phone vibration will disturb other colleagues.


It’s quite useful when riding a scooter; you can directly view the route map, and get route/turn vibration prompts. However, the downside is that the map is not optimized for scooters, so you need to pay attention to roads where scooters are prohibited. The route planning ability is average.

View route map on the watch

View route map on the watch

Google Maps recently returned to Apple Watch, but you can’t directly view the route map, only text navigation prompts.

Fall Detection

Since everyone is paying a lot of attention to this feature recently, I specifically listed it to share my personal experience. Once, when I was getting on a bus, I quickly and forcefully pushed against the seat with my left hand, successfully triggering the fall detection. The watch will first vibrate continuously and emit a sound to call you, checking if you are conscious. If you don’t respond within 30 seconds, it will call emergency services and notify the set emergency contacts.

Apple Watch Fall Detection Test, calls 119 for rescue in 1 minute.

- Before watchOS 5, fall detection was only enabled by default for those over 65 years old; it was disabled by default for those under 65. You can check the settings for this.

- Multiple emergency contacts can be specified, and need to be set in advance.

For those who have read the previous unboxing article, that article included unboxing, usage instructions, and some app recommendations. Honestly, I later deleted most of them, keeping only the built-in apps and some commonly used communication software. Initially, you might install a bunch of apps out of novelty, but later you won’t use them much.

To be honest, when you need complex operations, you’ll use your phone. The watch is really just for quick access.

Apple Watch Development Over the Past Two Years

As mentioned earlier, the functionality and product positioning of Series 4 and Series 6 have not changed; they are extensions of the iPhone, not replacements. There have been no breakthrough features in the past two years, and the battery life still requires daily charging.

In terms of third-party apps, not many have been added in the past two years, but there is a growing trend. Line and Google Maps have recently updated to enhance their Apple Watch apps, so they haven’t been forgotten.

I previously wrote an article sharing my experience of developing an Apple Watch app based on watchOS 5. You can see that the official features available for development are limited (still about the same now), so third-party developers have limited room to innovate, resulting in fewer apps.


Currently updated to watchOS 7, with an annual update cycle like iOS.

watchOS 6: Added environmental noise detection, menstrual cycle tracking (suitable for female users), and walkie-talkie feature.

watchOS 7: Added sleep tracking, handwashing timer assistance, and family sharing features.

watchOS 7 Family Sharing (LTE version only)

I have personally experienced this feature by giving my original Series 4 watch to a family member. You can refer to this unboxing video. This feature binds the watch to your phone, and the watch needs to be nearby to change settings. After completing the setup process, some settings cannot be adjusted without resetting, and the shared family member can only use it, not customize it.

The benefit is that the wearer doesn’t necessarily have to be an iPhone user!

According to official information, this feature is only available for LTE versions of Series 4 and later models!

Buying Guide

Should You Buy It?

I think 80% of the friends who see this are already inclined to buy it; I believe if you are a tech enthusiast, it’s worth buying to play with. If a watch is an accessory for you, you can get a more beautiful one for the same price. If you are buying it solely for sports, there are better sports watches to consider. The Apple Watch is designed for comprehensive needs and enhanced experiences.

  1. The case of Little Ghost actually can’t be avoided even with an Apple Watch. Little Ghost fell when coming out of the bathroom after a shower. The Apple Watch is water-resistant but not steam-resistant. If you often wear the watch while showering, it can easily get damaged. Additionally, since it needs to be charged daily, most people take it off to charge while showering and won’t wear it.
  2. It is still just an extension of the phone, an experimental product from Apple.
  3. Needs to be charged daily, so you have to carry the charger when going out.
  4. When I switched from Series 4 to Series 6, I didn’t wear it for two or three weeks in between, and personally, I didn’t feel much difference.

Series 6 or SE or Second-hand Series 4/5?

The performance is sufficient to last another 3-5 years. If you have the budget, of course, buy new rather than old. For value for money, you can buy the SE. If the budget is limited, you can buy a second-hand Series 4/5/LTE version, which is easier to get.

Apple Watch can only pair with iPhone (Android phones and iPads are not compatible). Also, consider the current iOS version of your phone. watchOS 7 is only compatible with iOS ≥ 14 (watchOS 6 => iOS ≥ 13/watchOS 5 => iOS ≥ 12)

The iPhone must be upgraded to the corresponding minimum iOS version to pair and use.

Series 6 / SE does not come with a charging adapter.

The Family Setup feature of watchOS 7 (which allows you to check the status of children and the health of the elderly) is only available for Series 4 and above or SE versions.

Aluminum or Stainless Steel or Titanium?

Stainless Steel Version (Thanks to a colleague for the support)

Stainless Steel Version (Thanks to a colleague for the support)

It depends on how you position this watch. If it’s for novelty and fun, aluminum is fine. If you want to enhance the accessory attribute, buy the stainless steel or above versions, which are more beautiful and easier to match.

The aluminum version has more demand in the second-hand market, making it easier to sell when a new generation comes out (I could still sell my Series 4 for 7-8 thousand).

The aluminum version’s body and glass are more fragile, and the screen glass is not scratch-resistant. It is recommended to buy a protective case and a full-coverage screen protector.

Protective case (about $400) + screen protector, it is recommended to find a hydrogel or jelly protector (about $800), otherwise, it is easy to encounter fitting problems; the total cost is about +$1500, and the aluminum version can also have complete protection.

Additionally, a lesson learned from experience: if you have a screen protector, you must buy a protective case, otherwise, the edges are easily damaged (I had to replace three protectors because of this, costing nearly $3000). The screen protector must be a good one that fits well, or it will be very difficult to use, which is a waste of money.

HAO Jelly Full-Coverage Glass Screen Protector from Xiao Hao Wrap

HAO Jelly Full-Coverage Glass Screen Protector from Xiao Hao Wrap

Fully transparent & fully adhesive, does not affect smooth sliding and display.

RhinoShield + Screen Protector

RhinoShield + Screen Protector

The screen will become slightly thicker, so the inner frame may float a bit (depending on the tolerance of the protective case), but the clips still fit in.

Xiao Hao Wrap suggests not to use the inner frame of RhinoShield as it may easily press against the screen protector, just use the outer frame. However, my Series 4 has been in this state for two years without any issues, so you can decide for yourself.

40mm or 44mm?

It depends on the thickness of your wrist. Generally, men are recommended to wear 44mm, as 40mm might look a bit odd.

If you are buying aluminum + protective case, consider whether the size with the protective case will be too large.

GPS or LTE Cellular Version?

Considering that I didn’t use LTE much before, I opted for the GPS version this time, saving $3000.

The consideration between GPS or LTE is not only whether you will have scenarios where you only wear the watch out, but also the fall detection alarm function that everyone cares about recently. The GPS version only works if the phone is nearby or the watch can connect to the current network environment WiFi, allowing the watch to connect to the phone for emergency alarms (if these conditions are not met, it cannot notify for an alarm); the LTE version can operate independently, making it relatively safer. Communication between the phone and the watch is the same; the GPS version or non-activated LTE version communicates through the phone being nearby, or the watch being able to connect to the current network environment WiFi.

The watch being able to connect to the current network environment WiFi means that the phone and watch have previously connected to this WiFi, and the system has a record to connect directly.

watchOS 7’s Family Setup feature (can check children’s whereabouts, elderly health status) is only available on the LTE version because the watch’s data is sent back to the setup person (parent) rather than the wearer’s phone.

Watch Bands

Watch bands are only categorized as:

  • Large: 42 (Apple Watch 3 and below) / 44 (Apple Watch 4 and above)
  • Small: 38 (Apple Watch 3 and below) / 40 (Apple Watch 4 and above)

And Apple guarantees that the band sizes will not change (otherwise, who would buy the Hermès version XD). At least for now, bands from generations 1 to 6 are interchangeable.

[**Unboxing of the Apple Watch Original Stainless Steel Milanese Loop**](../c0f99f987d9c/)

Unboxing of the Apple Watch Original Stainless Steel Milanese Loop

Standard / Nike / Hermès Editions

The Nike edition only has an exclusive Nike watch face, while the Hermès edition not only has an exclusive Hermès watch face but also comes with a Hermès band paired with the stainless steel version.

Upgrade Guide

If you currently have a Series 3/Series 2/Series 1, it is recommended to upgrade, at least to Series 4; starting from Series 4, the screen becomes full-screen (many new watch faces require Series 4 or above), the processor performance is much better and almost never lags, making the upgrade noticeable.

Series 4 can be upgraded or not, as the main differences are the always-on display and the blood oxygen sensor. The Apple Watch’s raise-to-wake display is fast and responsive enough, and while the always-on display is better, it’s not a must-have; the blood oxygen sensor is not medically certified and is for reference only.

If you already have a Series 5, you can wait for the next generation, as there is no need to upgrade.

For a detailed comparison, refer to the official website’s Compare All Models, which also highlights some minor functional differences, such as the altimeter, compass, etc.

[Apple Official Website](https://www.apple.com/tw/watch/compare/){:target="_blank"}

Apple Official Website

Further Reading

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.




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