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Travelogue 2023 Tokyo 5-Day Free Trip

[Travelogue] 2023 Tokyo 5-Day Free Trip

Following last month’s trip to Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe, here is the record and information for a 5-day free trip to Tokyo in June 2023.

2023/05 Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe 8-Day Free Trip

Following the previous post “[Travelogue] 2023 Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe & 🇯🇵 First Landing”, I quickly returned to Japan just a week later.

You might ask why I didn’t stay in Japan and take the Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo? The reason is that the Tokyo trip was actually the originally planned overseas trip, and the Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe trip was a spontaneous addition.

Additionally, I didn’t want to change flight tickets and accommodations or work from Japan for a week (I believe that when you play, you should purely play), so I returned to Taiwan after the Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe trip.

Looking back, it was a good decision; because during the week I returned to Taiwan, Japan was hit by a super typhoon, causing flooding, Shinkansen suspension, and crowded stations. If I had stayed in Japan that week, there wouldn’t have been many places to go. (Finally, I’m not the 🌧️ Rain God anymore, ah ah ah)

Tokyo Trip Group — Three Single Men

Me & current colleague (Sean) & former colleague (James Lin); Sean & James are college classmates. (Yes, the industry is that small XD)

For Japan entry information and other insights, please refer to the previous post.


Although the Tokyo trip was the originally planned overseas trip, we only talked about it without actual planning; until my Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe trip was almost confirmed, we started planning and executing the Tokyo trip.




For places I haven’t been to, I am still an ENFP spontaneous type, finding everything new and exciting; so I was mainly responsible for the big things like flight tickets, accommodation, and transportation; the attractions were decided based on what my travel companions wanted to see or what we felt like visiting at the moment.

Fun was mainly handled by Sean & James. We planned to buy tickets in advance for Disneyland (Sea), Yokohama Gundam, and Shibuya Sky; so we bought the tickets two weeks before departure.

If you don’t buy these tickets in advance, there won’t be any available spots on-site.

This time, I brought the remaining 60,000 yen from my last trip, and I ended up with only about 5,000 yen left.

Because I encountered a situation at a drugstore in Shinjuku where Visa was not accepted, I had to pay over 10,000 yen in cash for the drugs, and I wanted to spend all the cash before leaving.

Additionally, I almost couldn’t return because I couldn’t use a credit card to buy a ticket to Narita Airport at Tokyo Station, and I barely gathered enough cash for the fare.



Since this trip was only 5 days, time was limited, so I prioritized flights that departed early and returned late. I used SkyScanner to find flights with good timings.

Taoyuan <-> Narita

  • 6/7 EVA Air BR 184 08:00 TPE -> NRT 12:25
  • 6/22 EVA Air BR 195 20:40 NRT -> TPE 23:20

Round trip: $17,086

I made a mistake here, I shouldn’t have bought three tickets with one credit card, everyone should buy their own, as buying flight tickets with a credit card provides travel insurance.

Later, I found out that flying from Songshan to Haneda wasn’t much more expensive and was more convenient Orz.

Travel insurance: Done


I bought a 5-day unlimited data SIM card on KKDAY for about $500.


As mentioned in the previous post, I used the Suica card directly on my iPhone. My friend, who uses Android, had to buy a Welcome Suica limited-time card (asked at Narita Airport, and this was the only option left).


This time, I only went to Tokyo, so I looked for a place where I could stay for four days without changing accommodations. Since it was close to the travel date, all the rooms in Tokyo’s chain hotels like Toyoko Inn or APA were fully booked. I had to use Agoda to find a hotel near the center of Tokyo with access to train and subway stations.

Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo-Shiodome — 4 Nights

Right outside is Shiodome Station, which provides direct access to Odaiba or Shinjuku.

To go to other places, you need to walk to Shimbashi Station (about 10 minutes), and from Shimbashi to Tokyo Station is also about 10 minutes (1–2 stops).

It’s quite convenient and reasonably priced with good reviews. The actual stay was clean and comfortable, and the room wasn’t too small.

Since there were three of us, the layout was two beds plus a mattress on the sofa (which felt just like a bed).

3 people total NT$23,894

CHO Stay Capsule Hotel - The only airport capsule hotel in Taiwan | Taoyuan Airport Capsule Hotel | Taoyuan Airport Hotel | Taoyuan Airport Hotel | 桃園空港 ホテル — Day 0 Overnight

This trip was special because our flight was at 8 AM, and we were all departing from Taipei. We planned to arrive at the airport by 6 AM, which meant leaving at 4–5 AM. The excitement and nervousness of the trip would make it hard to sleep, so we wouldn’t get much rest.

Therefore, a few days before departure, we decided to spend the night at the airport. A friend told us that Taoyuan Airport has a capsule hotel, so we decided to try it out!

Location: On the 5th floor of the south side of Terminal 2, just downstairs from Terminal 2 (about a 5-minute walk)

The rooms include double rooms, triple rooms, quadruple rooms, and single beds (about 16 beds per room).

When we booked, only single beds were left.

1 person NT$1,500

Day 0 Departure

Basically, I just unloaded the stuff I bought in Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe, took out some clothes and supplies, repacked them into my suitcase, and set off.

Currently, in-town check-in for the airport MRT cannot handle next-day flights, so we had to carry our suitcases and bags to Terminal 2.

Sean & Me & James

Sean & Me & James

After arriving at Terminal 2, we went straight to the third-floor departure hall. Once there, we found the observation deck on the south side of the mall, near gates 22–26 (facing the hall, walk all the way to the right).

Walk to the end and take the escalator up.

At the top of the escalator, you’ll see the entrance to the hotel with a distinct Taiwanese style.

Taoyuan Airport Capsule Hotel

After checking in, you can store your luggage and then go outside to find food.

Eating and drinking are prohibited in the rooms. Each guest receives a tea bag, which can be brewed by the front desk. You can drink it at the bar near the entrance. Joining the membership on-site gives you a free towel.

Earplugs are available for free at the entrance.



The bathroom facilities are new, clean, and comfortable. There are two toilets, five shower rooms, and two hairdryers (one Dyson). Shampoo and body wash are provided, but you need to bring your own towel and toiletries.

Men's Bathroom

Men’s Bathroom

On the left side as you enter, there is a luggage room where you can store your luggage. The bed layout is as follows:

Dormitory Beds

Dormitory Beds

Each bed has an individual mirror, desk, light, curtain, and trash can. I slept on the upper bunk, and the mattress was thick enough that I wasn’t worried about disturbing the person below.

The mattress was not only thick but also long enough. At 176 cm, I had no problem sleeping comfortably. The environment was clean, the lighting was cozy, and the air conditioning was very comfortable. The only unavoidable issue was that snoring could still be heard (hence the free earplugs at the entrance).

However, I am not bothered by noise. As long as the environment is cozy and relaxing, I can sleep well. I slept soundly until morning, waking up around 6 AM to wash up and check out (fully rested before heading abroad).

Luckily, we made a reservation the night before. There were other travelers who wanted to check in on the spot, but there were no vacancies.

Enjoying the airport view early in the morning:

I thought it would be crowded at 8 AM, but we were lucky, there was hardly anyone.

If I had known, I would have slept in the capsule hotel until 7 AM before coming down!

Waiting for the Flight

This time, the boarding gate required a shuttle bus (called a ferry bus by mainland Chinese netizens).

It was hot and crowded, but we finally reached the boarding gate:

Bye 🇹🇼

Bye 🇹🇼

Arrived at Narita Airport

Hey 🇯🇵

Hey 🇯🇵

Day 1 Shibuya, Parco, Shibuya Sky

It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the plane to the immigration hall, and by the time we collected our luggage and cleared customs, it was already around 1 PM.

When transferring to the Narita Express, I made a mistake by using the Suica card to enter the station directly. It turned out that the entire express train had reserved seats, so I had to exit the station to buy a ticket and re-enter (later found out that tickets can be bought at the platform machines inside the station).

We then took the 2 PM Narita Express to Tokyo Station.

Enjoying the scenery along the way, you know you’re almost there when you see the Skytree.

After arriving at Tokyo Station, we transferred to the subway to Shimbashi Station, then found our way and walked to Shiodome.

The hotel is hidden inside an office building, quite unique:

At first, I thought we had walked into an office building by mistake, but as we walked further in, it turned out to be the hotel.

Dropped off our luggage and took a rest: Hotel Villa Fontaine Grand Tokyo Shiodome

(The video was taken later, it’s a bit messy XD)

Heading to Shibuya

This crosswalk is a must-see, reminds me of the players in “Alice in Borderland.”

[Netflix](https://www.netflix.com/browse){:target="_blank"} — Alice in Borderland

Netflix — Alice in Borderland

Shibuya Parco — Gokumiyaki

Queued up to taste the famous Gokumiyaki, arrived around 5:30 PM, and waited about 45 minutes for a seat.

I ordered the Kobe beef hamburger steak + Kobe beef steak + soup, rice, and ice cream set (¥3,355):

The staff helped set the initial doneness to about 1, and you have to pick it up and cook it on the iron plate to your preferred doneness. Gokumiyaki

Be sure to use two pairs of chopsticks; for hygiene, use the iron ones for cooking and the bamboo ones for eating, alternating between them.

Kobe steak is super delicious, juicy and tender, with no beefy smell 🤩; the hamburger steak is also good but a bit greasy.

Shibuya Parco — Polar Bear Specialty Store for Self-Deprecation

Accidentally bought some.

Shibuya — Shibuya Sky

Luckily, Sean bought the tickets in advance; you can’t get in if you buy them on the spot.

It’s very dark and a bit windy up there, and you can’t bring bags up (lockers with locks are provided).

Besides a bar in the corner, there are no other facilities, but the light pollution makes it great for taking photos and enjoying the night view.

You should reserve a spot at the bar separately; its opening hours are the same as the visiting hours.

After returning to the hotel, it’s still the sake, instant noodles, and snacks trio to end the day.

The tofu skin instant noodles are delicious.

Day 2 Yokohama Gundam, Odaiba, Shinjuku

On the second day, we rushed to catch the 10 AM Gundam show. First, we took the train to Sakuragicho Station, then transferred to the cable car and walked to the Gundam Factory.

Yokohama Gundam

The weather is super nice!!

The Gundam show runs from 10 AM to noon, with different plots for different sessions; but since I’m not a Gundam fan, I just took a casual look around.

But I have to say it’s spectacular, with detailed movements and sounds.

Inside, there’s also a store selling Gundam models and exclusive merchandise.

Sean's completed Gundam

Sean’s completed Gundam

Since I’m not a Gundam fan, I just took a quick look around and watched a few shows before leaving.


Next, we headed to Odaiba. The train from Shiodome to Odaiba is very cool, offering views of Fuji TV and the entire Odaiba area along the way.

After arriving in Odaiba, we first went to see the Statue of Liberty.

It’s 1/7 the size of New York’s Statue of Liberty, symbolizing the friendship between Japan and France.

A little further ahead, you can see Fuji TV, which has been destroyed many times in “Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo.”

A bit further ahead, we went to a mall to eat takoyaki and Taiwanese fried chicken?

The takoyaki was average, too many pieces made it greasy; the fried chicken was quite special. Although it was labeled as Taiwanese karaage, it was actually Japanese-style fried chicken (thin, boneless) using Taiwanese battering methods. It’s different from Taiwanese fried chicken, but I still told the staff it was delicious and that I’m from Taiwan 🤣.

We originally planned to shop for clothes and shoes at the Odaiba department store, but when we saw that the subway could take us to Shinjuku, we suddenly decided to head to Shinjuku instead.


Started walking around and shopping.

Went to La Lebo to smell the Tokyo-exclusive GAIAC 10 scent.

Feels very light… woody… can’t really smell it. (But still bought it on Day 4)

Finally, we just went to the department store to buy some clothes and cosmetics. As the weather started to get rainy, we headed back to the hotel.

Ended the day with food as usual

The hot dog was delicious, and the fruit wine was tasty!

Day 3 DisneySea

Set off early in the morning, and the weather was drizzly.

We bought tickets for DisneySea, not Disneyland. The beautiful castle is in Disneyland; you need to take the park’s tram to enter DisneySea.

After entering the park, we started to draw lots for shows or entry, but we didn’t win any. In the end, we bought front-row seats for the evening fireworks show “ Believe! Sea of Dreams “ (you can also watch from the outer area without buying, the show is in the public harbor area).

The rain got heavier, so we first went to a roadside shop to buy Mickey raincoats:

I personally think the quality and material are quite good, and there are cute Mickey or Minnie patterns (dark red) to choose from, and it’s not expensive!!

Luckily, it stopped raining in the afternoon!! I’m not a rain man!!

After buying the raincoats, we rushed to “ Toy Story Mania “:

There were a lot of people, and we waited for about 100 minutes:

The game involves two people (or one person with an AI partner) operating buttons to shoot at projected balloons to score points. It’s very fun and not too thrilling, suitable for couples or families.

Next to it, there’s a Mr. Potato Head interactive theater show and a small souvenir shop:

A very cute Lotso plush toy!!

Next, we went to “ Soaring: Fantastic Flight “, another popular attraction:

After queuing up, there’s a pre-show scene introducing the explorer’s story. The paintings on the wall are actually high-resolution screens with animations and voiceovers, very impressive!

The theater features a giant spherical screen and 4D experience (seats move forward and up, with air and scents). The content showcases landscapes from around the world, like the smell of grass in the savannah. It’s very impressive and suitable for everyone!

We bought a FastPass for this one.

After these two attractions, it was almost noon, so we started looking for food. Since the restaurants were full, we settled for snacks like pizza and chicken legs.

While eating, the harbor show “ Colorful Celebration “ started:

After eating, we wandered around the park and visited souvenir shops:

After digesting, we started queuing for “ Journey to the Center of the Earth “:

It takes about 90–100 minutes, just enough time to fully digest, otherwise, it’s too stimulating XD

The content is a remake of the movie “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” with impressive scenes and immersion; at the end, there will be acceleration & a slight downward rush (weightlessness), which is quite stimulating but not to the point of making your legs weak, suitable for friends looking for a bit of excitement.

Afterward, we went to the nearby “ 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea “ to relax a bit:

There weren’t many people, and the content simulates the feeling of a submarine diving (but it should be simulated), with very low stimulation, only suitable for small children.

After the ride, we continued to stroll and eat:

Very cute but very sweet Mickey ice cream, and Annabelle (LinaBell).

We continued to walk and take pictures; the park is really big, just taking some scenery shots, didn’t take pictures of the fantasy scenes from animations:

After walking to the end, we went to ride the “ Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull “:

Not as thrilling as the Journey to the Center of the Earth (no weightless downward rush, not as fast), the content is immersive scenes from the Indiana Jones movie, which I personally found interesting and fun.

We continued to stroll around:

We also took the “ DisneySea Transit Steamer Line “ and the “ DisneySea Electric Railway “ because our feet were very sore from walking, and we enjoyed the scenery along the way; these are more like transportation facilities within the park, with no special amusement effects.

As the time approached evening, we started shopping and taking photos:

I have to say it’s very easy to go on a shopping spree because there are many 40th-anniversary limited items; we also took photos with the globe.

As the showtime approached, we started walking back to the harbor and sat down on the ground.

As mentioned earlier, we purchased general seats for the show.

The whole performance had a strong immersive experience, including music, projections (the volcano erupts at the back!), lasers, fireworks, and DisneySea-related character stories… all combined very well. You must stay until the evening to watch the show to get your money’s worth.

The overall experience of Disney for the whole day is that all the facilities are very immersive, not just simple amusement rides, but they hope visitors can immerse themselves in the characters and scenes; although it’s not as thrilling as Universal Studios, I think it’s very fun; the evening fireworks show is a must-see!

There are many cute peripherals, control your hands (chop your hands)!

As for food, we ate randomly, and I think bringing your own food from outside would be better.

If time permits, spend two days on both land & sea; the sea doesn’t have the fantasy castle and parades on land QQ

JR Maihama Station also has the last official merchandise store where you can shop. After browsing for a bit, we reluctantly left.

After returning to the hotel, we continued our daily routine; today we had soy sauce ramen, melon juice (delicious!!), Akiya’s plum wine (delicious!!), and oolong shochu (not much flavor, not good).

Day 4 Tokyo Tower, Meiji Shrine, Le Labo, Kameari Kochikame, Asakusa Kaminarimon, Skytree

After a good night’s sleep, we started planning today’s itinerary (crazy ENFP). The only group activity was visiting Skytree in the evening; in the morning, my friends went to Akihabara, so it was a day of solo exploration in Tokyo.

Tokyo Tower

Looking at the map, Shimbashi is not far from Tokyo Tower; so I decided to go there first.

Upon stepping out, I found that the subway had severe delays due to an accident. Seeing that the distance on Google Maps wasn’t far, I decided to walk (about 20 minutes):

Walking alone on the streets of Tokyo, the weather in June wasn’t too hot, and the breeze was very comfortable.

Encountered a vendor selling hot roasted sweet potatoes by the roadside

Encountered a vendor selling hot roasted sweet potatoes by the roadside

As I approached Tokyo Tower, I passed a park called “Tokyo Metropolitan Shiba Park⁩”. The view of the tower through the branches was quite unique:

Continuing along a mountain path, I finally reached the base of Tokyo Tower.

Inside the tower, I bought a Top Deck ticket; it not only allowed access to the top of the tower but also included a guided tour (with Chinese audio) and a commemorative photo! (Great experience)

The tour featured animated murals similar to those at Disney yesterday XD. Two figures were discussing building an iconic structure in Japan. The same architect also designed Osaka’s Tsutenkaku.

The morning view of Tokyo from above was nice, and in the third photo, you can see Skytree in the distance, where we planned to go in the evening.

Lastly, here’s the free commemorative photo for reaching the top!

Meiji Shrine

After Tokyo Tower, I checked the map and decided to head to Meiji Shrine next.

After exiting the subway, it was another long walk (about 30 minutes) to reach Meiji Shrine.

A special moment was witnessing a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony:

After completing my visit at the main hall, I left.

I found Meiji Shrine to be solemn and serious, while later at Sensoji Temple, it felt too crowded with tourists.

The next stop was Kameari Kochikame, a place I had seen since childhood and wanted to visit. On the way, I stopped by Le Labo in Omotesando to check it out.

LE LABO Aoyama Store

Honestly, I’m not very interested in Le Labo; I prefer Ormonde Jayne perfumes, and Le Labo feels more like it’s selling packaging to the masses.

After sampling, I bought Another 13, which has a strong scent; and also followed the trend by buying the Tokyo-exclusive Gaiac 10, both in 15ml as souvenirs.

Le Labo perfumes are packaged and labeled on-site (it takes about 15–20 minutes), and you can customize your own label; 13 is my favorite, so I chose “ZhgChgLi”, and 10 represents Tokyo. I asked the store clerk in broken English which one represents Japan, and he said ♨️ 😝.

The prices of Le Labo in Japan are as shown above. After tax exemption, 13 is 1,000 yen cheaper.

The Tokyo-exclusive Gaiac 10 is more expensive, even after tax exemption, it costs 16,800 yen.

Kameari Kochikame

After buying, I continued to Kameari (it’s really quite far).

As soon as you exit the main gate of the station, there are statues of Kochikame characters:

Looking at the map, I first went to Kameari Park at the back station for a stroll:

It’s just an ordinary park QQ, with many kids playing soccer inside. There’s a statue of Ryo-san sitting on a park bench, but it was covered with kids’ stuff and bags, so I didn’t take a photo.

I checked online and found that the nearby Ario department store has Kochikame scenes and a theme park, so I continued walking there (about 10 minutes):

Upon entering, I was disappointed. It’s almost certain that Kameari no longer maintains the Kochikame IP (young people don’t watch it anymore…). Besides the statues at the station, the so-called Kochikame theme park has only the set left, and outside the set, it has been converted into an amusement park (claw machines).

The saddest part is the Ryo-san gacha machine at the entrance. The eyes of the Ryo-san statue are broken and not repaired, looking very desolate. Finally, I got a hot pants police figure from the gacha and left disappointedly.

Looking at the map, taking a bus to Asakusa is closer. It took about 15 minutes to check the route and walk to the bus stop:

There were almost no people or tourists on the way to the bus stop, and Google didn’t even translate the bus stop routes; I really came to a non-tourist area.

I made a mistake when getting on the bus because in Kyoto, you pay when you get off, so I just stood there dumbly after getting on. I didn’t understand Japanese until a kind Japanese passenger said “pay pay,” and I realized I had to go to the front to swipe my card and pay.

The ride was very quiet and comfortable. Japanese drivers wait until passengers are seated or get up to get off before starting the bus. I swayed all the way to Sensoji Temple.

There were really a lot of tourists!! It was so crowded that I could only find angles to take pictures.

Continuing deeper into Sensoji Temple, there were too many tourists. I didn’t plan to buy anything, just came to take a look; along the way, I found this bean shop, surprisingly delicious, so I bought some as souvenirs.

After arriving at Sensoji Temple, it was still crowded, so I took some photos and left.

By this time, it was nearing evening, so I started slowly heading towards the Skytree.

A distant view of the Skytree from Sensoji Temple.


Since it was still early, I decided to walk and enjoy the scenery along the way.

The closer I got, the bigger it became.

After arriving at the Skytree, I first wandered around the mall inside and ordered a cup of Hokkaido strawberry ice cream to take a break.

We didn’t get tickets for the Top Deck of the Skytree, only for the middle observation deck, with entry at 7 PM.

When we first went up, it wasn’t dark yet, so I took a few random shots:

After sunset, you can get a bird’s-eye view of Tokyo’s nightscape, which is very beautiful:

In the first picture, the Tokyo Tower is in the upper left corner; it’s very dark inside, and the glass reflects, making it hard to take good selfies.

Barely managed to take one XD

One last look before leaving.

On the last night, we ate at an izakaya and took some night shots to record the experience:



The weather in Japan started to turn bad today. Unexpectedly, you can see Tokyo Tower and some special art installations just by passing through Shiodome every day. It was only on the last day that I stopped to appreciate them.

Last night’s supper

Instant noodles are still delicious with convenience store fried chicken 🤤! I bought melon juice with pulp a few days ago, and today I bought strawberry juice, which is also delicious; I don’t remember the sake, but these two should be average.

Day 5 National Diet Building, Imperial Palace, Tokyo Station, Return

After waking up, I went to store my luggage. Same as Day 4, I explored Tokyo freely on my own, as my flight was in the evening, leaving me with most of the day to wander around. The weather was gloomy and rainy.

I remembered seeing a gacha machine at the Skytree yesterday with a landmark of the National Diet Building that I hadn’t seen before, so I headed there first.

National Diet Building

One interesting thing was encountering a protest by Japanese extremists on the way:

They were driving a propaganda vehicle loudly broadcasting near the National Diet Building. After being stopped by the police, the police dismantled their loudspeaker; later, they sped through a red light to escape, and there were police everywhere, which was a bit scary.

After passing by the National Diet Building and seeing the main gate tightly closed, I didn’t go in (it seems you can enter from a side gate for a tour?):

Took a distant shot as a memento and then headed towards the Imperial Palace.

Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is really big, it took almost 30 minutes just to walk from the outer entrance.

After walking to the Tenshudai, we left because the Imperial Palace was not open for tours that day.

It took about another hour to walk back to the Tokyo Station area (you can take the subway, but it’s just one or two stops; I like to walk around and see the scenery).

Tokyo Station

It was almost noon, so I wandered around Tokyo Station; just to prove to myself that I wouldn’t get lost, but I was too lazy to queue at the famous souvenir shops.

The last meal was tempura soba.

I conveniently bought a large and a small bottle of sake to bring back to Taiwan from a liquor store, and the clerk was Taiwanese.

Return Trip

Around 4 PM, I went back to the hotel to get my luggage and started slowly moving towards Narita Airport.

A corner of Shimbashi before leaving.

For the return trip, we went directly from Shimbashi to Narita Airport. Due to the schedule and ample time, we took the Toei Asakusa Line Airport Express, which takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes; but you can’t use credit cards or Suica to buy tickets, so we had to scrape together enough money for three tickets, almost couldn’t buy them.

We arrived at the airport around 5:30, still very early.

After passing through customs, it was still early, so we grabbed a bite to eat and then had one last stroll through the duty-free shops.

I found that you can buy Dassai or common souvenirs (Shiroi Koibito, Banana Cake…) here, so it’s better to buy them here XD

The price of Dassai was about the same as what I bought at Tokyo Station.

Boarding the plane, Hey 🇹🇼:

The weather in Japan was very bad, the flight was bumpy (dead fish eyes), more thrilling than Disney rides, and meal service was temporarily suspended; fortunately, we arrived safely in Taiwan.

After going through customs, it was about 00:12, took a white-plate taxi back to Taipei around 01:30; took a shower and went straight to bed, ending this trip.


  • For insights on Japanese culture, please refer to the previous article “[Travelogue] 2023 Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe & 🇯🇵 First Landing
  • The Japanese time notation is in a 30-hour format, 25:00 means 01:00 AM, very cool
  • You really need to keep at least 10,000 yen on you to avoid situations where you can’t use a credit card or a Vias card
  • Thanks to my travel companions, Sean INFJ/James ISTJ, the planning gods; Sean controlled everything from how to play at Disney, which rides to go on first, and which fast passes were worth buying

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The brainwashing song that kept playing repeatedly after returning to Taiwan.

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Travelogue 2023 Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe 8-Day Free Trip

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