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Travelogue 9/11 Nagoya One-Day Flash Trip

[Travelogue] 9/11 Nagoya One-Day Flash Trip

Peach Aviation Nagoya One-Day Flash Ticket Travel Experience


The one-day round-trip ticket to Nagoya is an event launched by Peach Aviation:

Flash Round-Trip Fare | Peach Aviation Haneda joins the lineup! Stay up to 28 hours and 50 minutes! www.flypeach.com

At that time, I bought the one-day round-trip ticket to Nagoya, including airport service fees, for $5,600, no checked baggage, no meals, no assigned seats; both ways were red-eye flights:

  • Outbound: TPE 02:25 -> NGO 06:30
  • Return: NGO 23:15 -> TPE 01:25

According to the official promotion, maximum stay time is 16 hours and 45 minutes!

Carry-on baggage regulations: Two pieces per person & total weight less than 7 kg

[Carry-on baggage regulations](https://www.flypeach.com/tw/lm/ai/airports/baggage/carry_on_bag){:target="_blank"}

Carry-on baggage regulations

Date: 2023/09/11, solo trip

Visit Japan

To speed up entry, I pre-filled the entry information, and completed the entry procedures directly with a QR code:

  • Here, I filled in a 1-day stay, and for contact information in Japan, I directly filled in the information of Chubu Centrair International Airport. I was not questioned and passed safely!

Chubu Centrair International Airport Information

Chubu Centrair International Airport Information

Summary (written in advance)

A one-day flash trip is a test of physical and mental endurance; I originally planned to sleep while waiting for the flight or on the plane, but the waiting time was too early, and I couldn’t sleep. After boarding, the seat was too small, I didn’t get a window seat, and the engine noise was loud, so I didn’t really sleep. Therefore, I didn’t sleep all night; I started the Nagoya itinerary at 6:00 after getting off the plane; I was so tired that I took a nap for more than half an hour at a quiet, almost empty café in Nagoya Tower at noon.

Time and attractions are limited, so you can’t go too far.

Besides the body’s energy, the phone’s battery is also a big challenge; I brought a 20,000 mAh Xiaomi power bank to complete the entire itinerary (charged the iPhone 13 about 4–5 times).

Returning to Taiwan around 2–3 AM, there is no public transportation, so I had to take a taxi back to Taipei.

You can add a few hundred dollars to choose a window seat, prepare a neck pillow, and earplugs for better sleep.


9/10 PM 22:03 — Arrived at Airport MRT A1 Taipei Main Station, took the 22:15 direct train to Terminal 1

9/10 PM 10:55 — Arrived at Terminal 1 Departure Hall

Arrived too early, the check-in counter opens at 23:55 (although there is no checked baggage, for some reason, I couldn’t use online check-in, so I still had to wait for the counter to open).

There was still an hour before check-in opened, so I went back to the B1 food court to find a place to rest; at 11 PM, all the stores in the food court were closed (including convenience stores), so I couldn’t buy anything to eat.

9/11 AM 00:09 — Completed departure

The check-in counter opened early, and I saw it start checking in when I returned to the departure hall at 11:40. Without checked luggage, just carrying a backpack, I quickly completed the report, security check, and departure.

Starting from 9/11, the official countdown of 24 hours begins!

9/11 AM 00:12 — Wandering around Terminal 1

It is worth mentioning that Terminal 1 has a free open lounge area. Just follow the signs to the lounge, and you’ll find it. The environment and seating are similar to a café, and there is a shower room (open from AM 6 — PM 10). For detailed introduction, refer to this article.

It’s actually easier to sleep in the lounge area because you can lie down. But at that time, I just passed by and started looking for a place to buy food (since there was no in-flight meal). As expected, everything was closed because it was too late. I finally found a vending machine selling snacks, bought a pack of I-Mei puffs, and got a can of tea.

9/11 AM 00:45 — Waiting at the boarding gate

I arrived too early, and there were not many people in the waiting room. The chairs are grouped in pairs, making it hard to lie down and sleep (it looks ugly, I got up after taking the photo). It’s also uncomfortable to sleep leaning back, and the air conditioning in the waiting room was very cold. However, I was still quite energetic at that time and didn’t feel sleepy. As time passed, more and more people arrived, and the noise level increased, making it even harder to sleep. So, I just closed my eyes to rest and conserve energy, flipping through basic Japanese (Hiragana and Katakana), thinking I would sleep on the plane.

9/11 AM 02:14 — Boarding completed

The flight was slightly delayed. It was originally scheduled to start boarding at 01:55 but was delayed by 10 minutes. I finally completed boarding at 02:15.

9/11 AM 02:26 — Plane took off

The seat was very small, and there was no headrest on the aisle side. Fortunately, I brought a neck pillow for some support, but the engine noise and neck pain made it almost impossible to sleep. I endured the bumpy ride all the way to Nagoya. There was no screen on the plane to show the flight distance, making the time feel very long.

If I had to choose again, I would spend a few hundred more to choose a window seat. First, it’s easier to sleep with a place to rest your head, and second, you can see the sunrise from the window when arriving in Japan in the morning!!

9/11 AM 06:20 — Arrived at Chubu Centrair International Airport, Nagoya

9/11 AM 06:35 — Completed immigration

It might be because it was early in the morning and I didn’t need to claim luggage, it took less than 15 minutes from landing to completing immigration. However, the weather was not good, and it was raining heavily in Nagoya.

9/11 AM 7:03 — Waiting for the train to Nagoya city

One is the seat information, and the other is the ticket (for inserting into the machine)

One is the seat information, and the other is the ticket (for inserting into the machine).

I bought a one-way ticket from Chubu Centrair International Airport to Nagoya Railway + uSky train ($271) from Klook. Since I was already there, I decided to try the newest and best train. It has designated seats, is very stable and comfortable, and is an express train.

However, if you want to save money and be convenient, you can actually buy a semi-express or just board a regular train on-site. Attached is the train schedule and stops, or you can directly check from the Meitetsu website:

First destination: Konparu Osu コンパル 大須本店 to eat shrimp toast

You need to get off at Kinzan (NH34) and transfer to Meijo Line to go to Kamimaezu Station.

9/11 AM 8:00 Arrive at Konparu Osu コンパル 大須本店

It opens at 8 o’clock, and there was no one early in the morning. The nearby Osu Shopping Street was also not open yet.

Coffee is a must, after all, I didn’t sleep all night; the shrimp in the fried shrimp toast is real shrimp cut into pieces, you can taste the bouncy shrimp meat.

Second destination: Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle opens at 9:00, other attractions don’t open that early, and it’s very close to Kamimaezu Station, so I went to Nagoya Castle first.

9/11 AM 9:02 Arrive at Nagoya Castle

After eating, I set off and arrived at Nagoya Castle Station around 9:02.

When I exited the station, I found it was raining heavily outside. I didn’t expect it to rain in Japan and didn’t bring an umbrella; the area was very empty and I didn’t see any convenience stores. Finally, I found a FamilyMart in the underground street of Nagoya Castle Station, bought an umbrella, and continued to Nagoya Castle!

The rain eased a bit when I entered Nagoya Castle, but the main keep was under renovation and not open, so I could only visit the golden Honmaru Palace next to it.

Honmaru Palace

Honmaru Palace

You need to take off your shoes and store your bags (free, but you need a 100 yen coin) to enter Honmaru Palace.

Second destination: Chubu Electric Power MIRAI TOWER (formerly Nagoya TV Tower)

It’s just to the lower right of Nagoya Castle, about 2 stops away; I took a bus there after leaving Nagoya Castle.

9/11 AM 10:08 — Arrive at Chubu Electric Power MIRAI TOWER (formerly Nagoya TV Tower)

The weather was sometimes cloudy and sometimes sunny. It was sunny when I arrived, but cloudy again when I left.

After buying a ticket, you can go up to the observation deck to get a bird’s-eye view of Nagoya City (if you just want to go to the café on the middle floor, you don’t need to buy a ticket, the café also offers some views).

The view from the café, around 10:30, I started to feel sleepy; I napped here until after 11 o’clock before leaving. There are many seats here, few people, and it’s quiet… it’s really perfect for a nap.

Third destination: Oasis 21

Oasis 21 is just outside Nagoya Tower, but due to the rain, weekday, and morning, there wasn’t much to see. I walked around a bit and then left.

Fourth destination: Yabaton Yabacho Honten

It was close to noon, so I decided to try Nagoya’s famous miso pork cutlet. The main store is about one or two stops away from Nagoya Tower, so I decided to walk there.

Fifth destination: Osu Shopping Street

When I arrived, I found a long queue… Time is precious, and since it was close to Osu Shopping Street, I continued walking towards Osu Shopping Street to find food.

9/11 PM 12:09 — Arrived at Osu Shopping Street

Walking towards Osu Kannon, I found another branch of Shijo near Osu Kannon and decided to dine there.

I mindlessly ordered a set meal, but realized I ordered wrong. I mainly wanted to eat the miso pork cutlet in the top left corner. The set meal included miso pork cutlet + fried smelt + simmered dishes + side dishes + soup + rice; the miso pork cutlet was delicious but not enough!

Destination 6: Osu Kannon

This restaurant is right next to Osu Kannon.

9/11 PM 13:05 — Arrived at Osu Kannon

The main hall was under renovation, so I just walked around outside and left.

If you’re afraid of birds, don’t come here. There are many pigeons outside, and you can buy feed to feed them.

Destination 7: Atsuta Shrine

After wandering around Osu Shopping Street again, I walked back to the Meijo Line and headed to Atsuta Shrine.

On the way, I bought Benzaiten fruit daifuku to eat. The skin was thin and tender, the fruit was fresh and juicy, so I bought two to eat in one go! (I think it’s better than Noshian XD)

I also did some simple shopping for medicines that can be taken on the plane to bring back to Taiwan.

9/11 PM 13:35 — Arrived at Atsuta Shrine

After getting off at the Meijo Line Atsuta Shrine Station, you need to walk a bit more to reach the main entrance of Atsuta Shrine.

After a simple visit, I bought some omamori and left.

Destination 8: Meitetsu Nagoya Shopping

The last stop was to visit Meitetsu (I was actually very tired by this point).

9/11 PM 14:40 — Arrived at Meitetsu Nagoya

After wandering around the underground shopping street, I headed to JR GATE TOWER and went up to the 15th floor Starbucks where you can enjoy free views.

Because it was raining, the outdoor seats were not open, and the indoor seats were full, so I didn’t buy a coffee to sit and enjoy the view. I took some photos and then started wandering around Takashimaya Department Store. There was a Harbs downstairs, but it required queuing.

Across the street, there is a Sky Promenade Nagoya’s new observation deck, but because I was tired, had to buy another ticket, and the weather was bad, I didn’t go; checked the time and there were no more interesting spots to visit; finally, I just wandered down to the underground street to buy some souvenirs (Frog Honke); bought a one-way ticket for Nagoya Railway -> Chubu Centrair International Airport + uSky train ($271) back to the airport.

It was a bit of a pity that it was not yet PM 5:00… but it was too far to go to other attractions… and I wanted to avoid the rush hour crowd.

Destination 9: Wandering around Chubu Centrair International Airport

Took a picture of the real uSky.

9/11 PM 16:44 — Arrived at Chubu Centrair International Airport Terminal 1

The flight is at 23:15, still a long, long time to go.

First, I bought Nagoya’s famous chicken wings to try.

NGO airport has a lot to explore, besides food, drinks, and souvenirs, there is also a large observation deck where you can watch planes take off and land up close! (Terminal 1)




Or go to Terminal 2 to see the free airplane museum (it was closed when I went).



There is also a Lawson and a capsule toy store here (but they also have business hours).

9/11 PM 19:30 — Chubu Centrair International Airport Terminal 1 Dinner

Had dinner at the airport’s Nagoya Udon, Nagoya’s specialty noodles are flat.

The taste was good, but I accidentally ordered a double main course… the pork cutlet was a pork cutlet rice XD

After eating, continued to wait for the flight… waiting for the counter to open (20:45 open).

9/11 PM 20:45 — Chubu Centrair International Airport Terminal 1 Departure Procedures

Took a nap in the corner until after 20:00, then queued up to prepare for departure; budget airlines are quite strict with carry-on luggage checks, the rule is two pieces under 7 kg, no turning a blind eye; saw someone who simply went to buy a PS5 and came back, seems like a good choice for a one-day flash trip.

9/11 PM 21:45 — Chubu Centrair International Airport Terminal 1 Duty-Free Shopping, Waiting for Flight




I only had one bag so I could carry another one, so I bought a bottle of Dassai 23% 750 ml back to Taiwan. (5,700 yen, 100 yen more expensive than Tokyo)

Fresh cola is delicious, if you see it in supermarkets or vending machines, you can buy it to try; it is launched by Suntory and Pepsi together, not available in Taiwan, made like draft beer, the carbonation is strong, not too syrupy, I usually can’t finish regular cola because it’s too sweet, but I can finish fresh cola!

Back to the strict carry-on luggage check of budget airlines, they will check again before boarding to see if you only have two pieces, if not, they will ask you to make it two pieces on the spot or pay extra.

9/12 AM 00:09 — Chubu Centrair International Airport Terminal 1 Takeoff

Due to flight delay, originally scheduled at 23:15, delayed to 23:50; took off around 00:15.

But luckily, I was assigned a window seat, so I could sleep well.

After waking up, I studied the in-flight facilities and found that flight information and entertainment videos could be viewed by connecting to the in-flight WiFi with a mobile phone. You can also order food directly using your phone.

Someone ordered something like pork ribs and chicken noodles, and the whole cabin was filled with the aroma, very tempting.

9/12 AM 02:25 — Arrived at Taoyuan International Airport

Luckily, I got some sleep on the plane because of the window seat; my spirits are still okay.

9/12 AM 03:30 Arrived at my warm home in Taipei

I have to say that transportation in Taiwan is very inconvenient. For red-eye flights arriving at Taoyuan Airport, you can only take a scary flat-rate taxi or a very expensive Uber to Taipei. If you want to take public transportation, you have to wait for the buses at 4-5 AM.

Purpose of this trip: To visit Nagoya Castle, one of the three famous castles:

Later, I found out that there is also Inuyama Castle in Nagoya. If I were to rearrange the trip, I would probably go to Inuyama Castle first, and I missed out on the eel rice!

More Travel Notes

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.




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