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Bye Bye 2020: A Review of the Second Year on Medium

Bye Bye 2020: A Review of the Second Year on Medium

A very late review of 2020

[Image taken from the official poster of Simple Life Festival 2020, where I served as an iOS Developer for StreetVoice](https://simplelife.streetvoice.com/2020/){:target="_blank"}

Image taken from the official poster of Simple Life Festival 2020, where I served as an iOS Developer for StreetVoice

Review of the first year 2018–2019 is here.

A Difficult Year

Unrelated to work, 2020 was a difficult year for me; I went through many major setbacks, but fortunately, I got through them.

I just want to say one thing:

People should learn to cherish the present and appreciate what they have.


Back to work, in 2020 I stepped out of my comfort zone and entered a new environment; this exposed me to many new things and I absorbed a lot of essential knowledge in iOS and engineering development. Although the number of articles I produced in 2020 was not as high as before, and I even stopped updating for three to four months, the quality over quantity approach paid off. The articles I wrote in 2020, though fewer, performed better than before; I am gradually making progress!

Additionally, last year I also set up my personal website using Google Sites and will continue to sync new Medium articles there.



Original Intention

I am still the same person; I am very lazy. I don’t write articles just for the sake of writing. Each article is a process of recording insights that I have brewed over time. If I get lazy and don’t do it in one go, I probably won’t go back to write it (but this mostly happens with unimportant or uninteresting topics).

The downside is that sometimes I get too enthusiastic and write too quickly. Typos are minor, but if the content is incorrect or incomplete and misleads people, it’s a real sin Orz. So this year, when writing articles, I will research and address any issues I can think of, even if I didn’t use them in my initial project. If I can’t address them, I will leave a note to remind readers to pay attention to that aspect.

Chrome Extension Used for Writing Articles

  • Recommending Code Medium again, which allows you to use Gist to embed beautiful code directly in Medium!

After installing, click “+” on Medium and then select the last option “<>”

The screen will split into two, and you can enter the code directly on the right:

After submitting, it will be embedded in the Medium article as a gist:

The advantage of embedding code with gist is that it supports syntax highlighting, making it easier for readers to read. The downside is that if you want to convert Medium to markdown format, the embedded code cannot be automatically converted and you have to manually Copy & Paste.

- Tried many conversion tools but none support gist extraction. If anyone knows, please share.

- Medium’s built-in code block still doesn’t support syntax highlighting, so this is the only way.

Daily traffic aggregation display, allowing you to see today’s traffic composition at a glance.

Additionally, it includes features for tracking new followers, claps, and more.

Goals for This Year

Backup Plan

Besides continuing to write; I plan to find time to convert each article into Markdown format and upload them to Github for backup, in case Medium suddenly crashes one day… Currently, I am using Typora as the editor; it’s quite handy, and I’ll introduce it later!



The current progress is about 15% complete, because it’s quite boring, so I’m a bit lazy, haha.

Medium’s official backup download only backs up plain text, images are still linked externally and not downloaded; moreover, the code parts are embedded and cannot be directly displayed in Markdown.

Independent Domain

It has already been deployed, please refer to “Medium Custom Domain Feature Returns”.

  • Profile page: blog.zhgchg.li (I only use the subdomain blog.zhgchg.li because the main domain has other uses)

However, I found that it affects Google SEO, so I’m still considering & testing whether to really use it.

Buy Me A Coffee!

Recently, I also activated the following services:

Anyway, I'm Idle

Anyway, I’m Idle


Finally, let’s have some statistics!

In 2020, a total of: 16 articles were published: 3 lifestyle + 2 unboxing + 11 technical articles

Site-wide accumulation up to 2021/02/24:

  • Total views of all articles: 180,000 times (2x growth)
  • Total claps for all articles: 11,000 times (1x growth)
  • Followers: surpassed 400 (1x growth)

Articles that performed better include:

Thanks for everyone’s support and love in 2020, I will continue to work hard this year!

Your feedback is my motivation to write!

ZhgChgLi, 2021/02/24.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.




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