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What was the experience of iPlayground 2019 like?

What was the experience of iPlayground 2019 like?

Hot participation experience of iPlayground 2019

About the event

Last year it was held in mid-October, and I also started running Medium to record my life in early October last year; combining the UUID topic I heard and the participation experience, I also wrote an article; this year I continue to write my experience to gain popularity!

iPlayground 2019 (This time it was also subsidized by the [company](https://www.cakeresume.com/companies/addcn?locale=zh-TW){:target="_blank"} for corporate tickets)

iPlayground 2019 (This time it was also subsidized by the company for corporate tickets)

Compared to the first edition in 2018, this year has seen significant improvements in all aspects!

First, the venue. Last year it was in a basement conference hall, the space was small and felt oppressive, and it was not easy to use computers in the lecture rooms; this year it was held at the NTU Boya Hall, the venue was large and new, not crowded, and the classrooms had tables and sockets, making it convenient to use personal computers!

In terms of the agenda, in addition to domestic experts, this time foreign speakers were also invited to share in Taiwan; among them, the most popular was undoubtedly Wei Wang; this year also saw the first inclusion of workshops with hands-on teaching, but the spots were limited, so you had to be quick… I missed it while eating and chatting.

Sponsor booths and Ask the Speaker area were more convenient for interaction due to the larger venue and more activities; from the iChef booth #iCHEFxiPlayground I got a set of eco-friendly straws and dorayaki, from the Dcard booth I got a set of stickers and an eco-friendly cup sleeve again this year, plus a nihilistic quote wet wipe, from the 17 Live booth I filled out a questionnaire to draw Airpods 2, at the [ weak self ] Podcast booth I got stickers, and there were also booths from Grindr, CakeResume, and Bitrise to interact with. Here is a not comprehensive photo of the loot.

Incomplete Loot

Incomplete Loot

Food and After Party, both days had exquisite lunch boxes, iced coffee, and tea drinks available all day without limit. However, last year had more of an After Party vibe, like listening to big names tell stories at a bar, which was very interesting. This year felt more like an afternoon tea (still had alcohol, delicious siu mai, and desserts!). We mingled on our own, but I actually made new friends this year.

Must-have for foodies, bento photo

Must-have for foodies, bento photo

Top 5 Session Takeaways

1. Wei Wang (Cat God) on Network Request Component Design

This part resonated with me because our project does not use third-party network libraries; instead, we encapsulate methods ourselves. Many of the design patterns and issues the speaker mentioned are also areas we need to optimize and refactor. As the speaker said:

“Garbage needs to be sorted, and so does code…”

I need to go back and study this thoroughly. I will do the sorting <( _ _ )> p.s. I didn’t get the KingFisher sticker QQ

2. Japanese expert kishikawa katsumi

Introduced the new method UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout available in iOS ≥ 13, which allows us to avoid subclassing UICollectionViewLayout or using CollectionView Cell wrapping CollectionView to achieve complex layouts as before. This also resonated with me because our app uses the latter method to achieve the desired design style. The pinnacle was a CollectionView Cell wrapping a CollectionView, which in turn wrapped another CollectionView (three layers), making the code messy and hard to maintain. Besides introducing the structure and usage of UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout, the speaker also created a project following this model, allowing apps before iOS 12 to support the same effects — IBPCollectionViewCompositionalLayout. Amazing!

3. Ethan Huang on Developing Apple Watch Apps with SwiftUI

Previously wrote an article “ Let’s Make an Apple Watch App! “ based on watchOS 5 using traditional methods. Didn’t expect that now we can develop with SwiftUI! Apple Watch OS 6 supports generations 1-5, so there are fewer version issues. Practicing SwiftUI with watch apps is a good starting point (relatively simplified); will find time to revamp. p.s. Didn’t expect watchOS developers to be so marginalized QQ. Personally, I find it quite fun and hope more people can join!

4. TinXie and Yang Xiaomei on App Security Issues

Regarding the security issues of the app itself, I had never seriously studied it, with the inherent belief that “Apple is very closed and secure!” After listening to the two speakers’ presentations, I realized how fragile it is and understood the core concept of app security:

“When the cost of cracking exceeds the cost of protection, the app is secure.”

There is no guaranteed secure app, only increasing the difficulty of cracking to deter attackers!

Besides learning about the paid app Reveal, I also discovered the open-source free Lookin for viewing app UI. We often use Reveal; even if not for others, it’s convenient for debugging our own UI issues!

Additionally, regarding connection security, I recently published an article “ The app uses HTTPS transmission, but the data was still stolen. “, using mitmproxy to perform a man-in-the-middle attack by swapping the root CA. The speakers’ explanation of man-in-the-middle attacks, principles, and protection methods not only verified the correctness of my content but also deepened my understanding of this technique! It also broadened my horizons… knowing that there are jailbreak plugins that can directly intercept network requests without even needing certificate swapping.

5. Ding Peiyao on Optimizing Compilation Speed

This has also been a long-standing issue for us, the compilation is very slow; sometimes when making minor UI adjustments, it can be really frustrating. Just adjusting by 1pt, then waiting, then seeing the result, then adjusting by another 1pt, then waiting again, and then adjusting back… while(true)… It’s maddening!

The attempts and experience sharing mentioned by the speaker are really worth going back to study and applying to our own projects!

There are many other sessions (for example: things about colors A_A, I have also encountered issues with colors before)

But due to scattered notes, personal lack of related experience, or missing the session

All content can be waited for iPlayground 2019 to release the video replay (for recorded sessions), or refer to the official HackMD collaborative notes.

Soft Gains

Besides the technical gains, I personally gained more “ soft gains “ than last year. For the first time, I met Ethan Huang in person, and while discussing the Apple Watch development ecosystem, I also unintentionally exchanged a few words with the great Cat God. Additionally, I met many new developers, colleagues Frank and George Liu’s classmate Taihsin, Spock Xue, Crystal Liu, Nia Fan, Alice, Ada, old classmate Peter Chen, old colleague Hao Ge Qiu Yuhao… and many other new friends!



More highlights can be found on Twitter #iplayground


Thanks to all the staff for their hard work and the speakers for their sharing, making these two days full of gains!

Great job! Thank you!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.




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The APP uses HTTPS for transmission, but the data was still stolen.

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